For some companies it’s important to register the humidity of one or more rooms. Especially places where activities take place where humidity is a factor that should be monitored. Many companies buy a luchtvochtigheidsmeter to be sure about the quality of the air. When you buy a device like this, you want to trust the information that is registered. Next to that, it’s also important the device is easy to use. Both are not always the case. Sure meters exist that are according to the restrictions and protocols. First of all it’s important that the company takes this seriously and is actively monitoring the environment regarding several kinds of data. Not only the humidity, but also data like co2 and temperature need to be monitored regularly. Several organisations are interested in these data and also want to check whether the company owns the necessary devices like a luchtvochtigheidsmeter. FactoryLab sells many devices that are used by industrial and commercial companies who need this. Next to the devices they also provide a useful interface to check the registered data easy from anywhere. In the future this information will become more important and FactoryLab has designed several monitoring applications that make it easier to meet the requirements in the present and the future.

Luchtvochtigheidsmeter for building maintenance

The digital technique of these days gives opportunities for better registration devices like a luchtvochtigheidsmeter. Smart data is one of the concepts of this technology. The main characteristics of smart data loggers are:

  • Used with the latest technologies
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Robustness
  • Ease of use

Devices like a luchtvochtigheidsmeter are made with a number of sensors. These sensors communicate with other systems. At FactoryLab you can buy other meters that can be connected with each other. This way you can construct the products as convenient for your building. The FactoryLab is constantly looking for new developments for building maintenance. Also a luchvochtigheidsmeter can contribute to a better, safer and higher quality of living or working in a building. With these devices building owners can work on a better lifestyle improvement. It’s important that the users can use the building and don’t have to worry about any health risks. When the building is provided with the best devices they feel more secure to spend their time there. Other devices that are produced by FactoryLab for building maintenance are devices for legionella control, door count and sensing and indoor environment sensing.

Monitoring from a distance

When you check the website you can access the webshop and the interfaces they have designed. These do not only register the information regarding temperature, co2 or other measurements, but they also let you know when it’s time to replace the battery or the lights. Furthermore they have designed the dashboard in a way everyone knows how to read the data from the devices like the luchtvochtigheidsmeter. It is clear FactoryLab is working on a better way to monitor the environment we are living and working in. Right now the devices like the luchtvochtigheidsmeter seem very modern today, but they still need development. The same applies to the dashboard of FactoryLab. The developers of FactoryLab will always continue to design new products and improve the recent products they sell at Nowadays the world calls for a better maintenance of our living environment. This makes it necessary to keep developing measurement devices that are more accurate to contribute to the safety of the buildings. For now you can choose for the luchtvochtigheidsmeter and other solutions and products FactoryLab has worked on. With these you own the modern technology for your building maintenance.