There are many reasons that you may wish to open a company in the Netherlands. Particularly in increasingly unstable times throughout a lot of the world, the Netherlands is becoming increasingly attractive for almost any type of business. British people are increasingly opting to open a company in the Netherlands to ensure continuing access to the large European marketplace which Great Britain is likely to leave in the coming months. For businesspeople and potential business people from the United States of America and Canada, the access to the European Union markets is also an exceptionally important motivation to open a company in the Netherlands, as are the relatively low levels of taxation and the fairly loose regulations in a lot of circumstances. The Netherlands has a stable political climate and high levels of education, which makes it all the more attractive to open a company in the Netherlands if it is going to require local employees. The fact that people from anywhere in the world are permitted to open a company in the Netherlands without being a resident is a unique advantage which the country offers in an attempt to continue to grow its already-strong economy. It is perfectly possible to open a company in the Netherlands in a very short period of time, but for non-residents and particularly for those who do not speak Dutch fluently, the process can become complicated. The country provides large amounts of information freely about the steps required to open a company in the Netherlands but it is not consistently available in English. Some of the forms which must be filled in require a knowledge of the Dutch language. Even though the government does all that it can to make it simple to open a company in the Netherlands, there are always steps which are easier when you are used to the country and know how it works. That is why it is highly recommended to employ the services of a specialised business if you wish to open a company in the Netherlands.

The people who can help you open a company in the Netherlands

Dike International are specialists in the process required for foreign nationals to register their own business in the Netherlands. According to their website they are able to set up a company remotely within 5 days. This is much quicker than anyone is likely to achieve the process from outside of the country. Dike International are always considered to be:

  • Quick;
  • Efficient;
  • Reasonably priced;
  • Reliable.

The difference between hiring help and attempting to register on your own

As stated earlier, it is entirely possible to open a company in the Netherlands without hiring professional help. It may not be possible to do it without massive headaches, however. Companies such as Dike International charge low prices to do virtually all of the work for you, which saves you many, many hours of work. The stress and headaches saved are well worth the small investment for most people. Another major reason to enlist professional services is to be absolutely sure of avoiding any fines. If you begin work before your company is fully registered or you miss one of the steps involved you may be liable to pay a monetary fine once the misstep is discovered by the Dutch authorities. While these fines are generally not too large, hiring Dike International or a similar company will guarantee that you do not encounter any unexpected costs of this type when your new company is just beginning.