Fashion is everywhere around us and its trends define the way we perceive things to be beautiful, ugly, eccentric, overwhelming and so on. There is a continuous debate in our society regarding the so called ‘fashion standards’. Essentially, we are bombarded with many images aiming to define our idea of beauty. Whatever does not correspond to these images, falls outside of the beauty spectrum and therefore, is stamped as ugly or different. Now, the issue with this binary worldview on beauty is the fact that, at least in Europe, if you cross the border between two states, this idea of beauty changes as well. For instance, in Southern Europe the beautiful woman is a brunette with long hair and a few curves, whereas in Eastern Europe the beautiful woman is skinny. Both women and men are feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep up the pace with this fast changing industry. Clothes become smaller and smaller, and their quality is significantly decreasing because the only target of clothing companies is profit. As a consequence, clothes are mostly produced in countries where cheap labor force is employed. All people, including those that do not define themselves as men or women, have issues with clothing. The middle class is extremely aware of the fact that nowadays all people look the same: they appear to all wear the same kind of clothing, trying to look as close as possible to that defined beauty of the fashion industry. As a result, more people feel like their clothes do not represent them, it represents an idea impossible to attain. Now, what is important to be aware of is that if you are reading this text, you as well have issues with finding clothes in which you feel yourself. Therefore, this question must have crossed your mind: why not try minimalist fashion brands? Perhaps you are reluctant to trying minimalist fashion brands because of this fancy name, or perhaps you simply do not know any minimalist fashion brands and as a result, you have no opinion about them. Do not worry, not at all! As a first encounter with an example of minimalist fashion brands, go ahead and access If you feel like you are always struggling to find something that suits your body shape, in which you feel comfortable and which does not try to be that perfect idea of beauty, this is the perfect example of minimalist fashion brands.

Ishie Studios, an exquisite example of minimalist fashion brands

If one has to define minimalist fashion brands, a great description can be found on Clothes designed by minimalist fashion brands, such as Ishie Studios, are comfortable and made of the best quality materials. In these uncomplicated and sophisticated materials, you will feel confident for the simple fact of being yourself, instead of trying to be somebody you are not. The designers are inspired by Japanese architecture and the materials are the best in Europe. The Ishie Studios values

  • Utility
  • Expressivity
  • Comfort

Wear whatever makes you happy

Instead of pleasing the wide crowd of people who do not matter for you, start pleasing yourself. Wear clothes that make you smile, wear accessories that allow you to breathe and relax during your full working days. Do not have the impression that you must satisfy the eyes of the people looking at you: you are the only important one in your life. Live for yourself, dress for yourself and feel beautiful in your own way. Do not let others define your own beauty!

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